There may be times when it is not feasible or indeed possible to attend a classroom delivered course.  As part of its total business solution service, Train2Train can offer various alternatives through e-learning.

There are many great benefits of e-learning such as:

  • Courses can be completed at your own pace, at a time and place convenient to you
  • The cost of e-learning is significantly less than classroom based courses
  • There is no need to take time off work, pay for accommodation or pay for other travel expenses.

Gaining recognised qualifications

If you wish to gain a formal regulated qualification from Highfield Qualifications after completing one of our e-learning courses then this is also possible. For further information with regards to this please contact the Train2Train office on 01302 363136 and speak to a member of the team for further details of how this can be achieved. 

Blended learning

For those who wish to combine classroom tuition with e-learning, allowing for course flexibility and meeting personal learning needs, again this is possible. For further information or to discuss your specific requirements please contact a member of the Train2Train team on 01302 363136.

Access your training

Once you have been issued with login details, to access your e-learning course go to: http://elearning.train2train.org.

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