Level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing

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Public confidence in food safety is a major concern for any business in the food sector. The risk of cross-contamination in a manufacturing environment is high, and with increasing public, media and legislative scrutiny, food businesses must get it right first time, every time.

Safety within a manufacturing is environment is vital and even more so for companies within the foo d manufacturing industry as they need to ensure their employees have a full working knowledge of food hygiene. Our Level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing course gives your workforce the knowledge needed to heighten the quality of the food your company produces. 

Your employees will discover the importance of food safety in manufacturing, its effects, how it is crucial to the safety of your customers and the survival of your business. They will also learn about controlling microbiological hazards, preventing food poisoning, as well as the essentials on contamination control and the implementation of preventative measures. They’ll cover Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP ) within manufacturing, the importance of personal hygiene, the differences between types of food premises and their safety requirements, the use of kitchen equipment, and how to identify and control pests. Finally, you staff will learn effective workplace cleaning and disinfecting techniques, a key skill in maintaining a food business.

On successful completion of this online level 2 food safety in manufacturing training, your learners will receive a certificate of completion from Highfield e-learning. The certificate is accepted by many EHOs as evidence that you have been trained to the appropriate level.

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This food safety training course is suitable for those working in a catering environment who are responsible for handling food.

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Level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing

Online Level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing

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