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Study at home, in the workplace or indeed anywhere and get the qualification you need.

Study at home, in the workplace or indeed anywhere and get the qualification you need.

Online Level 2 Health and Safety Course

Tired of boxes falling on people, tripping over at work or the workplace injury lawsuits? Take our engaging level 2 health and safety course and learn how to keep yourself and others safe at work.

Health & Safety Level 2 course overview

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This course is an ideal introduction to the basic principles of health and safety in the workplace and is perfect for new starters to a business, existing employees to help bolster knowledge and provide a step towards progression, or anyone wishing to achieve a Level 2 health and safety qualification.

By completing the e-learning element of this package, you will learn about the types of accidents common in workplaces and the impact they have on people, businesses and society as a whole, as well as the roles and duties of employees and employers to collaborate to keep the workplace safe. You will learn about risk assessments and how they are an important tool in implementing safe ways of working and the steps to take in producing them. You’ll gain an understanding of common hazards that can be encountered in any workplace, more specific hazards and how to control them, and the appropriate use of work equipment. Finally, you’ll be introduced to the principles of fire safety and first aid, and manual handling and the correct techniques to avoid injury.

Workplace accidents and injuries can cause a lot of distress to both the injured person and the workplace and have far reaching ramifications that go beyond the costs, impacting the welfare of individuals and the trust between employers and employees. Many of these incidents are preventable, and the knowledge in this course is the first step to encouraging a responsible and safe environment for all.

When the e-learning has been completed, the accredited element of this package can be arranged, via an exam, by contacting us on 01302 363 136.

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This qualification is assessed by a multiple-choice examination. As part of our Qualify Anywhere package, you will be able to book your online exam at a time that suites you. A computer, a smartphone, a webcam, a fast internet connection and a room where you won’t be disturbed is all you’ll need to sit and pass your exam.


Upon successful completion of the e-learning and assessment, we will email your certificate with a personalised congratulatory message.

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All of our online exams are remotely invigilated by a team of professionals so you will need to ensure you are completing your assessment under exams conditions. So no cheating, we’ll have our eye on you!

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Health & Safety Level 2

Online Health & Safety Level 2

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